Sweepstakes Insurance

Let TSI Sports indemnify your commercial sweepstakes to take the risk out of unpleasant surprises.

Legal Indemnification: TSI Sports will help develop your promotional rules. As part of that process we secure a Legal Letter of Opinion. We can then provide legal indemnification insurance for more comprehensive coverage in case there is a legal challenge to your promotion.

Bonding: TSI Sports secures your bond and manages the life cycle of surety bond requirements for New York and Florida so you don't have to.

Over Redemption Insurance: Over redemption insurance protects your budget in case your promotional is more successful than expected. This insurance pays the excess cost of promotional products or services that exceed the agreed budget. As your agent we put together an over redemption proposal and get you the best rates from A+ rated insurers.

Printer's Liability: TSI Sports can help you manage the risk of a misprint or improperly printed game and sweepstakes pieces with Printer's Liability Insurance.

Errors and Omissions: Error and Omissions insurance can cover oversights and unexpected problems that arise.