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Sweepstakes, contests and games are an increasingly popular way for companies to promote their products and services. These types of promotions have the advantage of being fun and attractive to consumers while allowing the budget to be controlled. TSI Sports designs and manages all aspects of the sweepstakes process so that you don't have to. 
TSI Sports offers the following Sweepstakes Services
A commercial sweepstakes differs from a lottery, raffle or promotional contest in these important ways:
  Sweepstakes Raffles Promotional Contests Lotteries and Gaming
Legal Status Legal in all states, governed mostly by Federal regulations. Governed by Charitable Fundraising, Gambling and Bingo laws in most states. Civil and criminal penalties may apply to fundraisers, commercial coventurers and others that run raffles improperly. Legal in all states with some restrictions. Governed by both Federal and state regulations. Except for some exceptions for charitable Bingo and gambling, not legal without a license in all states. Criminal and civil penalties apply.
Prize Winner The chance of winning must be stated in the rules. In most cases the prize must be given away. In most states the prize must be given away. The prize is only given away if there is a qualified contestant that meets the contest rules for winning.  
Consideration or Fee There may not be a charge or any other consideration required to enter. Even if entry slots or tickets are given away for free, if a single ticket is sold or there is any consideration required, such as a test drive, then the sweepstakes will fall under the rules for lotteries or raffles. There is a charge, fee or consideration to enter. In some states, tickets that are sold in any venue may not be given away in another venue.
There may not be a charge or any other consideration required to enter.  
Registration Required in New York, Florida and Rhode Island. Required in at least 45 states and the District of Columbia. The remaining states are considering laws that will require registration. (See Charitable Fundraising)
May require registration in New York, Florida and Rhode Island.  
Solicitation Notice Not required. Some states require a notice of solicitation in addition to registration of the charity and the commercial coventurer and the fundraiser. Not required.  
Bonding Required in New York and Florida. Bonding is required from commercial coventurers and professional fundraisers. May be required in New York and Florida.  
Post Promotion Requirements Must provide means to confirm winning status. Some states require final report. Both Federal and State reports are required. May be required in New York, Florida and Rhode Island.