How quickly can Hole-in-One Insurance coverage be secured? In most cases we can secure Hole-in-One Insurance instantly prior to the start of an event or contest.
How much time is needed to get signs?
We can overnight signs to you if your Hole-in-One Insurance order is received by 3:00PM ET. Additional shipping fees may apply to rush orders.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Checks for Hole-in-One Insurance.
Where do I send my Hole in One Insurance application? Please use our online application. Or you can email your Hole-in-One Insurance application as an attachment to golf@tsisports.com or fax it to 770-534-2233.
Can I order Hole-in-One Insurance without bonus prizes? All of our bonus prizes are included with every Hole-in-One Insurance policy. They have no influence on the price of the policy. However, if you do not wish to receive them, let us know and we will note that on your policy.
What is a bonus prize? When you insure a main prize, 800 Hole-in-1 provides Hole-in-One prizes for up to three additional holes on the golf course. These prizes are awarded if there is a Hole-in-One on the respective hole.
Are there any alternative
Hole-in-One bonus prizes?
When you get Hole-in-One Insurance for a main prize of $20,000 or greater, you may substitute a single $1000 bonus prize for the three standard bonus prizes.
What happens if I need to make changes to my Hole-in-One Insurance policy?
Hole-in-One Insurance changes must be made prior to the start of the event and are governed by the insurance contract. If you need to make changes, please try to contact us at 800-465-3461. If our office is not open, email changes to golf@tsisports.com or fax any changes to 770-534-2233.
Are discounts available if I run a lot of contests? We can put together a discount Hole-in-One Insurance program for you if you run a lot of golf contests. Just give us a call to discuss your golf program
Do you have any manufacturer Hole-in-One Insurance programs for car dealers? We pioneered car manufacturer Hole-in-One Insurance programs with Oldsmobile Scramble, and we continue to manage Hole-in-One programs directly with car manufacturers and as a part of a team with advertising and lifestyle marketing agencies. Just give us a call at 800-465-3461 to discuss your Hole-in-One Insurance program.