Choose from the following promotions or we will help you design a custom contest for your specific market and objective.

Soccer Kick Contests
Bring excitement to half-time when you invite a selected contestant to kick a soccer ball through a target. Contestants are selected from entries submitted at sponsor locations or from spectators at the game.

Soccer Rapid Fire
Provide exposure for your sponsors and a lucky fan with the chance for a big payday. From the top of the penalty box, a randomly selected contestant is challenged to make as many goals as they can within 25 seconds by shooting at a custom target. Set up a promotion with a big grand prize for making a certain number of successful kicks or an increasing prize pool: the more goals they make, the more they win.

Hit the Post
Challenge a spectator to hit the top of the goal post and side posts  on three shots from the top of the penalty box arch. Three of three  scores a prize, courtesy of TSI Sports.

Score/Time Prediction
Challenge spectators to guess the exact time of the home team’s first goal for a fast $10,000. Fans register for the contest at sponsor locations or at the game, and a specific number of entries is randomly selected prior to kick-off.