Contestant Participation

These contests give fans the chance to go out onto the ice to score a fantastic prize.

Shoot the Puck
Selected fans shoot the puck through a target positioned in front of the goal.

Spot to Spot
Contestants shoot the puck diagonally from one face-off circle to the face-off circle at the opposite end of the rink.

Pick A Spot
Let the participating fan choose any spot between the Blue Lines on which to take a shot at the target placed in the goal. If the contestant scores, they turn around and shoot for the target in the opposite goal. If both attempts are successful, then you have a grand prize winner.

Hockey Rapid Fire
In 20 seconds, each finalist shoots as many of the 20 lined up pucks as they can through an open net. If they make at least 15 successful shots into the target within the 20-second time limit, they’re the grand prize winner. Offer sponsor prizes for contestants making 5 or 10 successful shots.

Player/Team Performance

These contests tie the action on the ice to a lucky fan who registers to participate.

Open Net Challenge
By making all six shots into an open net from various spots on the ice, contestants capture the grand prize. Contestants take one shot from each of the five face-off dots and one shot from the opposite corner of the rink.

Goalie Goal
Offer a cash prize if a goalie scores during the game.

Super Seconds
Designed for radio stations or brands that have a number identity, this promotion awards a grand prize to a lucky listener if the home team scores at the time mark that matches the station’s radio frequency or the brand's identity.

Winning Half-Minute
If the home team scores within the first 30 seconds of the opening face-off, a randomly selected fan gets a big payday. The prize starts out big at the beginning of the game. As each second passes, the prize amount drops while the excitement builds.