Contestant Participation

Bringing fans onto the field for a chance to take home a grand prize gives you great attention and exposure.

Field Goal Kick
A fan goes home a winner when they make a field goal from a designated yard marker.
Pass, Punt and Kick
A selected fan scores a big prize by 1) throwing the ball as far as possible from the corner of the end zone, 2) punting from that point, and 3) making a field goal from that mark.
Target Toss
Contestants aim to throw the football through a car window or other target.
Pickup Punt
If a fan successfully kicks a football into the bed of a new pickup that’s sitting on the field, the fan wins the truck.
Field Goal Kick
A fan attempts to kick a field goal from the 30, 40, or 50 yard lines. A successful field goal earns a large cash prize or merchandise.
Football Rapid Fire
Contestants have 30 seconds to throw as many footballs as they can through the target. Prizes are assigned to the number of successful throws.
Fantasy Games
Drive your football audience online with a fantasy football contest. Launch it anytime during the season.

Player/Team Performance

Tie your promotion to professional, collegiate or local football action. Run the contest during a single game, championship series, or the entire season.

When the opening kickoff of either half is returned for a touchdown, one lucky fan wins the big money or prize.

Additional Big Plays:
  • All other kickoffs returned for a TD
  • Punt returned for a touchdown
  • Fumble returned for a touchdown
  • Interception returned for a touchdown
  • 50-yard or greater field goal
  • Blocked punt returned for a touchdown
Conditional Rebate
Give your customers an added reason to shop with you during the season. This fun and unique promotion offers buyers their money back on a particular purchase when a specified condition occurs; for instance, the home team winning the championship.