Fishing & Hunting

Specified Weight
If the weight of a fish caught during a tournament matches the predetermined weight, the angler wins a big-money prize. Match the frequency of a radio station for an ideal media sponsor tie-in.

Mystery Weight Contest

If a randomly selected angler's catch or the tournament winner's "big fish" matches a pre-determined mystery weight, your angler nets a big-money prize.

Record Breaker

If the weight of a fish caught during a tournament breaks a state or world record, the angler wins a big-money prize. 

Exceeding Weight Challenge

When a record catch is considered unlikely, you can level the playing field and increase interest in your tournament with an Exceeding Weight Challenge. If a fish is caught in excess of a pre-designated weight, the lucky angler will take home a big cash prize.

Casting Contests

Award your contestants with a large cash prize or a new boat when they make a successful cast into a target template. This contest will build traffic for any fishing event, retailer, boat manufacturer, or dealer. Offer a chance from a specified distance or create a program with multiples levels with the prize level increasing for each cast.

Pro Angler Incentive

This promotion allows manufacturers or sponsors a way to reward a  professional angler or a spokesperson for winning a major tournament or setting a new record - without the risk. You decide on the incentive, and we pay when your angler or spokesperson achieves it.

Custom Designed Programs

Let us help you customize a program to meet your specific objectives. We'll work with you to develop an effective promotion to  gain the attention of anglers and sponsors by offering a mega prize.

Restrictive Excess Contests

Increase the grand prize potential if a record catch is made with a specified brand or product such as a reel, rod or boat. The winner receives a bonus prize. We can cover the primary prize, the excess liability, or the entire contest. 


We now offer promotional insurance for shooting sports. Whether  you'd like to offer a prize for harvesting a new state or world record  whitetail, or the chance to win big money at a sporting clays match, we'll work with you to customize a promotion to meet your objectives.
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