Contestant Participation

Offer lucky fans a shot at a prize of cash, car or merchandise.

Single Shot
A Single Shot challenges contestants to shoot for nothing but net from the far foul line or half-court for a big cash prize.
Shot Sequences
The Shot Sequence, timed or untimed, awards the top prize to a fan who makes a lay-up, a free throw, a top-of-the-key, and half-court shot within 25 seconds.
Half-Court Sequence
Contestants are invited to make 2 out of 3 baskets from half-court to take home the grand Prize.
Putting Contest
The Putting Contest challenges the contestant to putt a golf ball the length of the court through a target positioned at the opposite baseline.
Pick a Spot
Pick a Spot gives the fan two shot attempts: the first from a spot chosen by the fan, and the second from the same spot at the opposite goal. Two for two nets the grand prize.
Around the World
Around the World gives contestants the chance to win big if they can shoot five of five 3-pointers from five different locations around the key.
3-Point Shootout
3-Point Shootout awards bigger prizes for higher levels of marksmanship. Shooting from five racks of five basketballs, a lucky fan can win $25 to $25,000 for each shot made.

Team Performance Promotions

Increase awareness through social media, radio, related contests, and sponsor promotions.

Whether you offer customers a chance to win at a sponsor location or online, we will help design the promotion, get legal clearances, provide hosting and cover the promotional risk for the grand prize.

Conditional Rebate
Give your customers an added reason to shop with you. This fun and unique promotion offers buyers their money back on a particular purchase when a specified condition occurs; for instance, the home team winning the championship. 

Score Prediction Contest
Invite fans to correctly predict a half-time, final score or both to win a big prize. This promotion can be used to draw attention to regular season games or tournaments.