Contestant Participation

Get fans in on the action. Contestants can be randomly selected on game day or through pre-registration at designated sponsor locations.

Fan Home Run
Invite a randomly selected contestant to hit a home run from home plate to win the grand prize. Whether it's a pitcher or a machine pitching the ball, your contestant will have five pitches and three swings to hit the ball out of the park.
Rapid Toss
In 30 seconds, each finalist throws as many baseballs as they can through a target at home plate. The promotion can be set up with an increasing prize pool: the more tosses they make, the more they win. Or, offer one big grand prize for making a certain number of successful tosses within the time limit.
Three Strikes
This contest challenges the fan to pitch three strikes from the pitching mound through a target at home plate.
Strike Out/Walk the Batter
Each contestant tries to strike the batter out before they get a walk. With six pitches, the contestant must throw three “strikes” before throwing four “balls.”
Online Contests
Get your audience stepping up to the plate and taking their best swing at any one of our great online contests. Whether you're looking to see who is best at predicting game winners, top scoring teams, or home run totals, we've got the bases covered. You make the call.
Baseball Target Toss
Baseball Toss challenges the contestant to pitch a ball through a target at home plate.
Custom Designed Program
We will help you customize a program to meet your specific objectives. 

Player/Team Performance 

Tie the action on the field to a prize of cash or merchandise for a fan or customer.

These contests are effective retail promotions and are also ideal for baseball organizations and their broadcasters. If one of these plays occurs, a lucky fan wins big.

Grand Slam Inning
If a player on the designated team hits a grand slam in a specific inning, one lucky fan takes home the grand prize.
Target Home Run
If a player hits a ball through a target in the outfield, such as a sponsor's billboard, a fan is rewarded.
Hit for the Cycle
Hit for the Cycle gives a lucky fan a run for their money when a home team player hits a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in  the same game.
Offer your fans a prize in a selected inning if your team can strike out the side and hit back-to-back home runs in the bottom half of the inning.
Foul Pole Contest
Award a randomly selected fan when a home run hits the foul pole.
No Hitter
Reward a spectator when an ace pitcher achieves one of the greatest accomplishments in baseball – a no hitter.
Triple Play
When the home team retires the side in a single play, one randomly  selected fan scores a large cash prize.
Nine for Nine
Keep fans involved in the entire game with a contest for every inning. 

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